Scientific diving
for science and media

Located in Kiel (Germany), worldwide assignments



We are educated scientists. We’ve written, published, and presented extensive biological and archaeological articles, recommendations, assessments and scientific reports, in various forums, meetings, and on conferences.

We know the effort which goes into evaluating and interpreting the data collected underwater. If needed, we have access to various laboratories for detailed testing, and our scientific background gives us a sound knowledge on these topics, allowing us to intelligently discuss the results.



  • Production of biological & archaeological reports
  • Creation of geostatistical analyses and maps with ArcGIS
  • Processing of raw data from photo and film material
  • Photogrammetry and image-based 3D scene reconstruction
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Shows & presentations
  • Workshops
  • Technical comments & interviews
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Submaris takes care of the required planning leading up to scientific dive missions and advises you on underwater film projects. more …

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submaris supervises and/or conducts scientific and archaeologic dives from the frigid waters of the Arctic to the coral reefs of the tropics. more …

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submaris has its roots in academia to provide sound evaluation and discussion of the results and also sports many contacts to the media industry to create impressive photo/video documentation. more …


Körnerstraße 29
24103 Kiel
Dr. Florian Huber: +49 151 56909982
Christian Howe: +49 170 8133318
Philipp Schubert: +49 170 2617754
Uli Kunz: +49 174 7688638