Scientific diving
for science and media

Located in Kiel (Germany), worldwide assignments



With several thousand hours underwater, Submaris is your competent partner, even for the most demanding of jobs. We’ve successfully supervised and/or conducted scientific projects from the frigid waters of the Arctic to the coral reefs of the tropics. As trained scientist from various disciplines, we work together in an interdisciplinary way, from 'A' as archeology to 'Z' as in zoology.

Using high-quality still and video cameras, we’re able to create award winning documentaries in the most challenging oceanic conditions, some of which have been published in National Geographic, GEO, and the German publication “Bild der Wissenschaft”, in addition to countless television programs.

Our team owns and uses modern diving equipment and dives safely according to internationally recognized standards, also focusing on the international research diver guidelines (GUV R-2112).


Scientific Services:

  • Mapping and sampling
  • Prospecting and monitoring
  • Professional photographic and video documentation (2D / 3D) incl. postproduction
  • Use of different mixed gases
  • Biological and archaeological research
  • Visual Dive Census
  • Closed-Circuit Rebreathers for bubble-free observations
  • Application, installation and maintenance of scientific instruments and test rigs
  • Search tasks with sidescan sonar and towed video systems
  • Services with own workboats (see below)

Services for the media:

  • High-quality photos and videos with company provided cameras (Canon 1Dx3, Sony A7s2) and lighting systems
  • Trained on RED cameras in DEEP Epic housing
  • Underwater set-supervision & lighting
  • Supervision & coaching of actors
  • Underwater safety on set for actors and crew
  • Set photography & “making of”


  • Workboat MOLA MOLA (catamaran, length 7.80 m, 2x70 hp outboard engine, GPS, side-scan sonar)
  • GRP workboat AKERA (cabin cruiser, length 6 m, 70 hp outboard engine, GPS, side-scan sonar)
  • Inflatable boat (rigid, length 4.5 m, 40 hp)

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Submaris takes care of the required planning leading up to scientific dive missions and advises you on underwater film projects. more …

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submaris supervises and/or conducts scientific and archaeologic dives from the frigid waters of the Arctic to the coral reefs of the tropics. more …

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submaris has its roots in academia to provide sound evaluation and discussion of the results and also sports many contacts to the media industry to create impressive photo/video documentation. more …


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